The Royal Niger Company - Track List

The Royal Niger Company – Track List

Available on iTunes 28/03/2014

Highlights from the  Jagz Experience Hip-Hop Concert 2013 staged at The New African Shrine. Cop the Full Album  https://t.co/luF4JyjMfQ



Produced, Written, Arranged and Performed by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®.


Mama and papa/ your son Jesse Jaga/

Is really getting hotter/ I’m getting hotter/


I spit what’s straight from the heart/ open ma mind and close up ma eyes/ ma boys come and we light up ma yard/ I don’t know if you feel it but it’s banging/ outstanding/ special demanding/ outstanding…


I got that international flow/ international dough

International pro/ International flow…


International/ sexy girls around the world, my beats are fashioned for/

I don’t know if they feel it? But it’s outrageous/ I flow like dictionary pages

I create this for them ladies/ its a real real tune for life

How’s a bad man gonna choose a wife/ see you only get what you do in life/

I’m getting pay oh/ J town to San Diego/

Banging/ outstanding/ special demanding


Girls them call me down from Malaysia/ even Indian and Asian/

African and Caucasian/ I’m into Cynthia and Fantasia/

I’m a star gazer/ I put off the lights and I daze her/

Banging/ outstanding/

STEADY GOING (…Simply Legendary)

Produced, Written, Arranged and Performed by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®.


Mama we on now/ stacks is what I’m sitting upon now/ we the bomb now/ we explode when we perform now/ nigga ball hard I be LeBron now/ I’m so legendary/ extra ordinary/ two shots to the chest of this Bloody Mary/ I been drinking heavy, killing ‘em niggaZ steady/ two hail Mary’s for this nigga in the Serengeti/ where the sun do scorch cos it’s peri peri/ I see ‘em vultures be thinking they getting dinner ready/ cos they been feeding on my flesh in a cemetery/ It turns out that I’m sorta what these sinners envy/ a nigga vanished/ I’m re-established/ I’m making niggaZ panic/ even Hispanics/ universal flow I speak in no language/ the revolution’s televising on a different bandwidth/ tune in and get your mind zoomed in and understand it/ that you just landed on a different planet/ where gravity and pain keep a nigga grounded/ you’ll soon get around it/ when I’m on the mic they dumfounded/ got these niggaZ saying “god damn, you done found it!/ I know, my whole style sound rounded/ nigga you’ll soon get around it


Mama we on now/ move your body, your body, we coming strong now/ If you running out of paper smoke it in a bong now/ and let these niggas know we on now/ I’m just a normal ese/ there’s nothing formal ese/ what you been doing lately? / I been touring S.A/ with Osei, Solay and Alan Benevente/ they going “Jargo/ You going hard yo/” I’m smoking up the mic like tobacco/ I’ve been going hotter than Tabasco/ I’ve been loaning stacks to these niggas like Wells Fargo/ delivery’s U.P.S cargo/ so tell me how anyone gon’ stay fresher than me? / What I was is the best they could be/ there ain’t no stepping to me/ I’m repping me I’m a professional G/ they all know the only reference is me/ any other fly nigga’s just pretending that they friendly with me/ my downsize is what they frenzy should be/ I’m on a musical spree/ get paid to hustle but the effort is free/ so a nigga hustle effortlessly/ most definitely/ rise to the skies and my fuel is free/ ain’t no one wants a duel with me/ I smoke so much I’m the president of the country of the few and the free/ a nigga made a whole new industry/ so fuck em niggas


Ok mama we on now/ I know they all wanna know where I’m from now/ a nigga been drinking from the fountain of youth/ I’m learning the invaluable truth/ I’m only here for this experience men/ I’m only here for the mic and the booth/ rocking the stage and ‘em girls and the shit out this roof/ and I remain the Scientifical proof/ I’m the lyrical truth/ I’m a miracle wooh/ let them motherfuckers be gone in a poof/ let them vamoose/ they tryna spike my gin and my juice/ I let ‘em know I kick harder than Bruce/ they on a mission to lose/ meanwhile I got nothing to lose/ their mission’s an impossible cruise/ you in tussle with goons/ you ain’t an artiste, you just ruffled a tune/ you didn’t make it to the stars, you just flew over  the moon/ so let ‘em motherfuckers know they fucking with whom/ remember this’s  a tussle with goons/ them niggas is fools/ and they be sick with they tools/ so y’all go ahead and go stick to the rules/ I’ll go ahead and get my vision in tune/ cos to him who the position is due/ the same damn nigga the commission is due/ so I need no permission from you/ fuck ‘em niggas

Feeling the pain of my circumcision a new/ if you fucking with wrong niggas you’ll end up too/ fucked up in the head and a different you/ reality be showing me a different view/ of this great space coaster, I’m Gary Gnu/ and you know Gary Gnu is good Gnu’s with Gary Gnu/ so who the hell then are Harry and Sue? / I thought they here with Larry and You?? #$@/ Okay I’ve been smoking and been drinking too/ cos that shit makes me feel invincible/ ain’t no need to say shit the music’s convincing you/ Okay… Enough of me shawty let’s get into you/ I’ma cut right straight thru this interview/ let you know a couple things that make me beautiful/ and shawty you can use em too/ so fuck ‘em niggas!!!

JARGO (soul)

Produced and Arranged by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®. Written and Performed by 9ice and Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®.


Esimi roborebe (yeeaaaah) simi roborebe, afefe tife


Afefe tife fowl yansh don open, aridagunro shebi omi lomuku

Esimi roborebe awa lani igba wa, esimi roborebe awe lani igba wa

Afefe tife whey that place (our) have been there before (awa)

Afefe tife whey that race (our x3) I hold the world record (awa)


Encroaching your plans/ yes Jesse Jagz got a roach in his pants/

Spits that Gabana – Dolce for his fans, / boasting cos he can/

You know when I bang/ mechanical man/

Rep for my area, and sexy Liberians/ the best of girls in Western Nigeria/ shut down. I spits with technique/ shawty can’t speak, said her knees get weak/

Shawty freeze for the freshness/ she need a little breeze for the wetness/

She free and she reckless/ I ease off her necklace/ at the speed of detectives/

Leaving her breathless/ I leave her defenseless/ chromosomes full of light/ chrome to the dome, her hormones full of life/ go ahead ‘n’ vibe right…/ And you could own me tonight/ the invention of life/ with the pen when I write/ I affect all the events in her life/ her 6 senses are right/ I rhyme slicker than a pretentious wife


Afefe tife fowl yansh don open, aridagunro shebi omi lomuku

Esimi roborebe awa lani igba wa, esimi roborebe awa lani igba wa

Afefe tife whey that place (our) have been there before (aridagunro)

Afefe tife whey that race (our x3) I hold the world record (aridagunro)

Esimi roborebe awa lani igba wa, esimi roborebe awa lani igba wa x2


Encroaching your plans/ yes J-Jagz be your favorite man/ made in Japan/ spits with the skill of an Asian clan/ been to hell and back now an angel and man/

Make paper for Fam/ always aware of the danger at hand/ parading the land/

Arranging the starvation of man/ let the wind blow, salvations at hand/

No faith in a man/ understand/ I move with the flow of the equator I stand/

Time, that’s all the equation demands/ all a nigga need, is Jade in his hands/

I’m the sickest invention/ I exist in a fifth dimension/ the spliff lift before a blissful session/ nigga this is special/

I rise for a blissful ascension/


Produced by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®. Written and Arranged by Jesse Jagz. Performed by Jesse Jagz and Victoria Kimani for JAGZNation®


I keep that pedal to the floor/ been on the road/ my eyes closed/

I see from soul/ yeah I’m ready to go

And you know… you about to know/ the most flyest nigga that’s for sure/

My eyes closed ‘n’ I see from my soul/ yea I’m ready to go

This is how we ride/ wings to the side/

We fly/ yea we ready to go

Let me show you how we ride/ wings to the side/

We fly… / yea we ready to go/

Pedal to the floor making money/ rocking ‘em clubs and getting naughty

Shawty we got you freaking/ got you rocking thru the weekend

We stacking money to the ceiling/ yea we ready to go


Make way for the immaculate/ venomous flow when we attacking this/ JesseJagzNation on the road since we established it/ any competition, niggas vanquish it/ they know we own this shit/ we showing ownership/ we talking real money, they talking a load of shit/ that vocoder shit, so a nigga rewrote the script/ he stuck to rap instead of white collar shit/ I got a mic instead of that college shit/ and when I’m spitting now, niggas acknowledge it/ I’m giving ‘em the boot, and they polish it/ till a nigga’s looking so fly like some foreign shit/

I’m terminating ‘em, Sara ‘O Connor shit/ Damn… I’m such a star/these niggas can’t fuck with my repertoire/ I’m fucking awesome and amazing ménage à trois/ I’m repping J-town and we taking it effing far/ and we ride…


Right before creation/ before em niggas started hating/ the universe spoke about a JesseJagzNation/ my bass kicks got the whole ground shaking/ I’m doing far more than my haters anticipated/ okay, now they got a nigga going serious/ everything I do is on fire like Prometheus/ now you feeling us? We don’t want it like that/ we pulling out a mic and got y’all running like that/ Damn… them niggas couldn’t       speak when I approach ‘em/ watch how a nigga coach ‘em/ I appreciate devotion/ this nigga put in work/ and if you try to follow him, then you might get hurt/cos all I do is work/ and my niggas hold me down like gravity/ I just tell ‘em where the action be/ a whole Nation be backing me/ actually/ we leaving ‘em with dots like acne/ total agony and it don’t matter what the drama be/ it’s time I let ‘em know, this nigga’s taking over/ we took it all, got these niggas looking for they quota/ so many rappers on fire, such a chain smoker/ plus I got em shawtys all going loca/ and we gon’ climb to the very heights/ Jesse Jaga burn any Fahrenheit/ about one terabyte/ not very light/ every night niggas shine very bright/ them niggas stay weak(week) like seven nights/ our money pile up, we call it heavy shite/ my  shawty likes, heavy pipes/ she likes to blow ‘em twice/ she feeling very nice : ) / champagne for the champion, Don Perry nights/ these niggas can’t fuck with us/ best in these sesame streets, Snuffleupagus/ taking these rappers to school and call it a syllabus/ yea thy can’t fuck with us/ see we got troy in us/ so put ‘em hands up for the victorious/ and I’m lighting up every night/ they tryna stop my lines, cellulite/ police is searching for the evidence/ they cant do shit/ nigga relevance/ there’s no space in the room, we’re motherfucking elephants/ we showing ‘em the meaning of reverence/ I got no competition and no equivalence/ you still spitting? Yes? / You’ve got silly sense/they feeling me up in Philly yes/ and Jamaica, and the Dominicans/ and they sit and they talk in the evenings/ they lighting up, yes easy things/ they talk about me on some effeezy things/ put MI in, that’s my siblings/ I’ve been on my grind, a nigga just got UN-signed/ been brushing up my boots a nigga just got shined/ the bullshit on my mind I will figure it in time/ I’m the one who didn’t change and they consider it a crime/ I swear on my honor/ put it on my mama/ I’ll keep shooting niggas in the game like it’s Medal of Honor/ it’s that incredible/ flow so terrible/ damn I never heard of you/ still I’m gonna murder you/ General, my music tear down the walls of Jericho/ I turn your whole state into a federal/ It’s your funeral and this is all for your burial/ your ass is in a casket I designed the whole interior/

Period, I murdered anything that’s on the stereo/ CBN keeps that money spinning like a merry go/ nigga still incredible, flow still terrible/ tyres still spinning yes I’ve got that Pirelli Flow/ pull out ‘em bottles nigga let the St Remy flow/ damn it feels nice, yes and it’s sensational/


SATIVA (An Ode to Oryza Sativa; that feeds our bellies, Africa; Our collective life force and to Cannabis Sativa; Feeds Our Souls)

Produced, Written, Arranged by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®. Co Performed by Lindsey Abudei for JAGZNation®.


Living in the hood/ my papa taught me to be good/

No money for kerosene or firewood/ mama told me, Jay provide the food/

And put evil over good/


In the land of the living/ once he breathed that air and he got his body kicking/ tears in his mama’s eyes she just seen him in a vision/ sitting, thinking for a name before he get his christening/ listen, she taught him all her knowledge and her wisdom/ she didn’t want a nigga getting caught up in the system/ in prison, she told him when the evil comes, resist him/ and when he think she bitching, she go on ‘n’ keep on insisting/ now listen, they didn’t have no television/ cos she took all their money and put it in a collection/ so she watch over her son and she gives him love and attention/ they made it thru the tension, I’m guessing with affection/ now listen/ he started going to school for lessons/ hanging with the wrong crowd left him an impression/ and all he went thru filled a nigga with aggression/ but mama always bless him, she don’t ever reject him/


Mama Sativa, my fire and my fever/ Mama Africa, spiritual freer and healer/

Mama sativa, my valley and the river/ Mama Africa, spiritual freer and healer


In the land of the living/ see he learnt to never trust the hand that’s always giving/ and it don’t really mean shit to break a promise given/ so much nonsense in the system, I hope that God is with him/ listen, life tastes good like chicken/ and then you grow up and its just a competition/ he hustle everyday he tryna find him a profession/ and everywhere he step in, the people is gon’ reject him/ nobody ever respect him/ but that should be expected/ and he put it in perspective/ in the land of the living/ everybody breathing/ morning to the evening/ Muslim and the heathen/ so he checked it/ everywhere cities are being erected/ everything that you’ve dreamed of will be affected/ time is an illusion, things can change in any second/ so he got himself a mirror to eternally reflect it/


In the land of the living/ see, every where he went he saw his shadow going with him/ to the same rhythm/ he always travelled with him/ listen/ he always found him in the same position/ I’m telling you, everything keeps going on the same like a ritual/ habitual/ everything material will be digital/ economies are falling, situation getting critical/ so he listened to his heart / and he ‘n did what his spirit do/ spiritual/ smoked good herb like a ritual/ learnt life, step by step, its like a syllable/ even if you’re made of gold, you’ll die and they bury you/ I’m telling you, friends and foes will cry at your burial/ land of the living/ everybody’s in prison/ living in oblivion/ headed for collision/ listen, I hope that God is with him/ people act like they’re here(they hear) but they never listen/

AFTER PARTY (An Ode to the Streets)

Produced by Kid Konnect for RadeGold Productions and JAGZNation®. Written, Arranged and Performed by Jesse Jagz and Brymo for JAGZNation®.


Hey girl, you rock the party/ hey girl you are my world/

I’m living life like an After Party/ with you I know I’ll be all right


Sunrise I rhyme yo/ street soldiers y’all know we shine yo/ the streets is a jungle we gotta survive yo/ shit is live yo, the vibe from five 0/ they don’t drive by, them niggas just drive slow/ if you’re high yo, the street word is fly low/ or you’ll get arrested in the speed that’s twice a hydro/ as time go from vinyl to rhyme pro/ the rhyme go/ nigga with the sublime flow/ I rhyme for/ street niggas behind doors/ remind boys / they fuckinG with a blind force/ yea city to city state/ I hope you city’s great// I got a tour coming soon I hope your city wait?/ beats banging to make your titty ache/ this the kinda flow that’ll make biggie wake/ close your eyes, and watch your spirit wake


Look to the stars everyday I do/ there ain’t no feeling in the world like de-ja-vu/Look to the skies, yea I do/ when niggas was like je ne sais pas you/je ne sais pas too/ ain’t need to say more/ in these streets you only getting what you pay for/ stress blowing up my mind no claymore/ Mary Jane yo/ sweet savior/ size of the paper/ I roll A4/ I inhale yo/ exhale vapor / ain’t need to say more/ I only bring war/ I make it rain yo/ that’s what I came for/ I bring peace to the lonely/ the only nigga riding on a beast or a pony no police no Mahoney/police full of phony / from the streets of Lome to the east of Dahomey/ this jungle’s got a nigga growing up like Mowgli/


I heard I missed another roll call/ the way I roll yo I been on the road dawg/ the way I smoke y’all know my shit is dope yo/ I’m sitting like a legend my flow is folklore/ ready to go yo/ this shit is my sophomore/ I thought I told y’all Jesse’s going loco/ I’ve got your body kicking the club is a dojo/ Jaga rhyme for, roots and culture/ I keep moving units when I spit for the movement/ each contribution’s what I give to the future/ and niggas ask how hard are we? / I go hard no R ‘n’ B/ how hard are we? / Locked up nigga found the key/ now he around the tree/ how hard are we? / Nigga since two thousand 3, I been doing my music no allowance fee/ music pays no salary/ nigga follow me/ I get lost in carter3/ let that shit sink deep in my artery/ ma brain waves tuning to gamma3/ sunrise raise me to power 3/ 365 24 Bauer G/


Produced, Written, Composed, Arranged and Performed by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®


Man dem fi hear me out

Everything moving fast it’ll wear me out

So ma puff spliff n drink beer and stout

Man dem na fi wear me out, na fi wear me out

And I Swear, Babylon dem a fear me clout

Wanna know Jaga’s where about

Everything in the news you ‘a hear about

Jesse Jaga ‘a air it out


Man never fear nothing,

Raised by the streets me na wear nothing

(Blackout, Blackout)

The youth never hear nothing

Babylon Empire never share nothing,

Musicians are beer popping, we near rotten

Clergy na swear nothing

The only Sound in the air is tear dropping

Electric out is near shocking

But hear something, piercing and ear popping

Soul Rebel, My music is chair rocking

Revolutionary Air force air dropping

Apocalypse, vocals so clear cutting

No bloodshed flow and clear spotting

I never buckle to the pressure from my peer fucking

(Game time)

No Truth and No Dare nothing

Fear Nothing, Don’t fear my hair locking

Red Gangsta, High from the air puffing

Dread Rasta, Man never fear nothing

And Jah never moved by mere talking

His universal power be spear blocking

Even if Babylon gun air cocking

This means war fanfare stopping

Every man got a right to compare nothing

This man never fear nothing


On the way to Calvary, never fearing the opposing power he,

Jah Rastafari, Revolutionary Soldier on the hourly

No home and no family, the whole world living in Vanity

Jah Rastafari, Till Babylon fall from Calamity

Haile Selassie, Hear me I’ve

Been Seeking your face and daily I’m

Conquering Babylon Israeli style,

Revolutionary soldier moving steady I and Steady I

Hear me I’ve

Been Seeking your face and daily I’m

Conquering Babylon Israeli style,

Revolutionary soldier moving steady I and Steady I


These streets love nobody

Everything full of shit and no potty,

Smoke down I and I eye so dutty

Jaga fear no man, fear no duppy

These streets love nobody

Revolution on CD get your own copy

Thanksgiving in the ghetto, nigga no turkey

No teddy bear everything so Chucky

No love politicians dem go doggy

All of them are so lucky, so the flow dutty,

Get smashed pon the wall like snow hockey

They spun backwards like a disco jockey

Master on high, Jah Rastafari

Light us to the sky, we airey and fly


On the way to Calvary, never fearing the opposing power he,

Jah Rastafari, Revolutionary Soldier on the hourly

No home and no family, the world living in Vanity

Jah Rastafari, Till Babylon fall from Calamity

Haile Selassie, Hear me I’ve

Been Seeking your face and daily I’m

Conquering Babylon Israeli style,

Revolutionary soldier moving steady I


Produced by GuiltyBeatZ and Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®. Written and Performed by Jesse Jagz and WizKid for JAGZNation® 


Baby girl call me jailer/ cos I’m a prisoner of love/

Baby girl call me tailor/ cos I will mend your broken heart/

In any pain and every weather/ I will love you till the end

Baby only, only you/ wey dey make my heart complete

Only you, my baby only you / girl I see you dey smile you dey make me dey lose my mind (2times)


Me like dem/ Nina/ have you seen her? / Me seen the rude girl in a beema/

With Lisa and her sister/ she a classic… she ether/ to see her you gwan need a visa/ Oliver Khan… she’s a keeper/ she’s sweeter than me reefa/ she’s got a good head, she’s a reader/

And some tell me leave her alone/ but shawty know that she’s my Nina Simone/

She go deeper than low/ every night Jaga gon’ reap what he sow/

And she tell me what she feel inside/ she say its something so deep and wide/

Girl if you want this bad as I do/ girl let me satisfy you


Me like dem/ Nina/ have you seen her? / Me seen the rude girl in a beema/

Bad girl who wind fi me/ go ahead and grind for me/ she come thru like she wanna / true super sonar/ she say Jaga if you move get chewed like piranha/ diamond in the sky whole crew like Rihanna/ true super sonar/ truly Nirvana/

When she walk see its truly cinematic/ when she in the club see the city made of magic/ when she bend low the whole city panics/ she’s got that grand sex looking tight in her spandex/ and she tell me what she feel inside/ say its something so deep and wide/ if you want this bad as I do/ girl let me satisfy you…


Produced by Samklef for KlefSounds, Additional drums, Samples and Music by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®. Written. Composed and Performed by Jesse Jagz for JAGZNation®. Additional vocals by Nickeh for JAGZNation®.


There was a time we had kings in the palace/ but now we off balance/

I’m calling all Christians and Catholics/ might be time to get your prayer books and a chalice/ let the bishop know and send word to every parish/ everybody needs to get ready like a savage/ everybody needs to get the picture like Mavrik / but Zion never stops until the people is established/

Yeah we had kings in the palace/ its time to let these niggaZ know to preach what they practice/ 3rd world soldier nigga, everything is fascist/ they cling to the power while we burn in the ashes/ and the people are getting butt fucked like a faggot/ stealing from the people’s now a habit/ there’s no harm done if they don’t understand it/ and the charm’s gone there’s no feet for this rabbit/ there always will be war when you feeding people panic/ to them its playing carrots and carriage/ war and damage/ blame the youth when the old folk got no standards/ so everybody manage, living on the average/ I intrude like 2nd wives in a marriage/ yeah I know we need a King in the palace / cos now we lost in this wonderland like Alice/ life is the canvas/ and knowledge the advantage/


There was a time we had priests in the shrine/ the seasons was fine and we feast all the time/ now the angels are yours and the demons are mine/ life’s turned sour like the sweets are full of lime/ and now the streets are full of crime/ everything done to the east was a crime/ its cause and effect, nigga infinite time/ so my knuckles stay jagged, Nigerian grind/ yeah we had priests in the shrine/ seek and you find/ each in his time/ but life don’t make your experience mine/ each human being shall experience time/ I kick shit like helium 5/ there was a time we was feeling alive/ radio stations now believing in bribe/ you won’t hear this kinda talk on the evening drive/


There was a time you had love for the game/ when you walk with the fame, see your talk gonna change/ I spits hot and I make mama say/ Jaga coming ma way, you can’t stop Zion train/ Rastafarai yeah fire blaze/ no royalty in the entire trade/ the truth is all empires fade/ Jaga still spits hot and I make mama say/ that in a land far away/ where I annihilate anything in my way / I initiate and I make power plays/ no CG can ever simulate what I say/

And I remember those nights papa prayed/ and ma said stress gon’ turn papa grey/ now you gotta go thru what ever life brings your way/ everybody gets to be a king for a day/ there’s a ring being made that you can’t throw away/ don’t be a slave on this ship stow away/ there’s no plan B if you can’t follow A/ and hunger don’t kill, you can go for a day/ cos money don’t buy respect/ them niggaZ don’t make it rain like Majek Fashek/ I bring sounds with that deaf effect/ I don’t believe in ‘em empty threats/ I’m not into it/ naah, its not the internet/ I don’t mean no disrespect/ I know that this is that/ its totally a different app/ vocally a different rap/ the rap game’s just been updated with different stats/ this nigga in another world like ancient maps/ a sick doctor I’m losing my patience fast/ I stand on the rock of ages at last/